Cross-genre shape-shifter, storyteller. Only Love.

From elements spanning several influences the Conscious Underground transfers the observer to excursions in sound and color.  The work includes counter-balanced properties within an introspective nod to both humanism and neo-futurist modalities. 

The Conscious Underground mission is protean American pop.

Laying her clear sweet vocals and eloquently painted words on varied productions, featured artist Charli Hunt is an independent who has worked across genres as a singer, writer, producer, composer, and visual artist.

She invokes shades of Alicia Keys, Bob Marley, Adele, Steel Pulse, India Arie, Sade and more. An eclectic style all her own speaks to one universal truth; That love is what really makes the world go around.

This simple idea, along with her tag-line ‘Peace, Love, Unity’, seems to be the artist’s raison d’être, as she continues to spread a message filled with positivity — a journey through emotion and thought.


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“The self-trained vocalist, poet, and writer is earning her stripes as an emerging artist.” - Tony Binns, Rolling Out Magazine | Rolling

Club, Dance and Electronic music experts had this to say...
"Laid-back. Soulful. Melodic. These are three words that best describe... Appearing on Nite Groove’s Abstract Jazz Vol. III, its appeal warranted its own individual release with its own special mixes. Written and produced by Nicholson, [he] makes the superb choice of using [Charlie] Hunt for the vocals--adding more melodic happiness to this feel-good tune."

"This [sic] Soul & Pop artist has what it takes to make it in the music industry." - EnergyTwist Radio | Talk Radio Host, New York, NY - Daily Highlights

"...straight up sophisto house. If you like to move your shoulders to piano and bongos this could be the record for you." - Erik Wennermark | Mixer Magazine Review

"....Simply put, at the end you'll just feel like you need to listen to it again." - 411 Magazine, New York, NY



Images: Cole Dejohnge

Artist: Conscious Underground

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